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Elvis Aron Presley, the King of Rock and Roll, is the single most popular entertainment icon in the world.

With new recordings still being released on a regular basis, as well as Elvis references and music appearing in some of Hollywood's biggest films, it is evident that the Elvis phenomenon will go on indefinitely.

A new generation has embraced his music, re-mixed it and made it their own. People of all ages are drawn to his Graceland home, longing to get a peek inside the man behind the image, by seeing the clothes he wore, the cars he drove, and the items he owned.

Russ Howe and Bud Glass have now made available to fans around the world, the ultimate Elvis exhibition: THE KING'S RANSOM MUSEUM - an up-close and personal exhibit of 100% authentic Elvis-owned items. This impressive multi-million dollar museum is one of the largest privately owned collections of actual Elvis treasures outside Graceland.

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Elvis Presley Sunglasses, Las Vegas Display
The Museum Curators
Bud Glass | Russ Howe
Russ Howe

Russ Howe has been collecting Elvis Presley photos and memorabilia for over 30 years. He is widely considered THE most sought-after authority, when it comes to photographs of the King, with his photos of Elvis appearing in countless Books, Magazines, Film Documentaries, and TV Shows.

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Bud Glass

Bud Glass is no stranger to the Elvis Presley World. As the Producer of the very popular Behind The Image series of DVDs and Books, Bud has been successful in giving the viewers a very special and unique look into the private life of Elvis Presley.

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